Meet Your N'Ticing Minks CEO


Ms NeNe

Thank you for allowing me to be your expert lash technician and eyelash extensions trainer for semi permanent mink lashes . As of recently I am now one of the few US distributor for ProLong EyeLash Extension Cleanser. I am very excited to provide each and every beautiful women I come in contact with, with quality products and more importantly quality services.   My name is Taniqua Shenae Howard and I hope to make this a fun lashing/training/buying  experience for you. A little about me, I’m a 38 year old mother of 2, I’m also a Surgical Technician and Entrepreneur. I am a very driven and determined person and love helping people when I can. Passion drives me to be the absolute best person that I can be. Lashing came natural to me, as I love the feeling of changing a woman’s life one lash set at a time. I will strive to be the best lash technician and lash instructor I can possibly be. My motto is SEE ONE, DO ONE, TEACH ONE. Thank you for allowing me to share the knowledge I have gained and I am happy to pass it along!

*Knowledge is useless if you are not willing to share it!

“Taniqua Howard